Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bags Bags and More Bags


I've been absent for a while again... too much to do.

Here is a quick post about some bags I have been making over the last month..

I have been loving "Under the Australian Sun Fabric" you can see the theme in these bags.  Oh also I've had enough of bags for a while... they can be a bit fiddly.

The first one is a little sewing bag.  Here is a shot of the front and the back.

The next one is a little Hand Sewing Organiser.. It has some nice little compartments and a pin cushion in the centre.

The last one is a nice big tote for carrying everything to class. Still needs a little hand stitching on this one.

Ok thats all for now will update on some other things I have been doing soon.

Aussie Heros - Lots of new quilts
Vintage Modern - love this fabric, have completed a special quilt for someone, also doing the Fat quarters Block of the month.  Also bought some more fabric can't get enough
Oh my Stars quilt - being quilted at the moment photo's to come.




  1. Hi Caz, did you have many problems with the pattern/instructions for the bottom bag? I have one partially completed that I've nicknamed the B@st@ard bag because it crapped me off so much, and I might unpick it and try and re sew it one day.....just wondering if it was me, or if the pattern was stuffed? lol


    P.s. I do loves a good bag post to ogle at!