Thursday, 12 July 2012

Catch up on Aussie Hero's Sewing

So in the past month and a half I have been also doing some sewing for the Aussie Hero's

Here are a few that have been sewn and sent and also some that are works in progress
This one is Aboriginal print themed and has some lovely pebbling FMQ in each of the orange squares ... you might have to zoom in to see.

This is the laundry bag that accompanied it.

This is an Aussie themed quilt that I did some FMQ that looks like waves around the Australian
Shape in the middle ... zoom in again to have a close look.

 This is the laundry bag that went with the Aussie one.

Next are two quilt tops I completed and have been sent to Jan-Maree to have a quilter finish them off.  The pinwheel one had some BOM's that others had sent in.

The next two have recipients but are being finished at the moment. 

I'm calling this one Flora and Fauna as there is lots of Aussie Fabric in this one.. all around the edge is a nice wattle fabric

This one is Kookaburra Tea towel.... one of the teatowels that was donated to Aussie Heros.

This last one is a photo from my design wall.  It also has a donated teatowel in the middle and is an Anzac Biscuit recipe on it.... so all the fabric is food related... Maroons, Cupcakes, Coffee, Corn, Peas & Apples... I love it and I think we need to find a chef/cook to send this one too.

Thats all from me tonight... don't forget if you want to get involved in  Aussie Hero's Quilts just visit the blog or like them on facebook

Lastly I celebrated my birthday yesterday and here is a little shot of my flowers and cake I got in the morning  AHHHH

Til next time



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  1. Aw you sneaky thing - you didn't tell me it was your birthday! But I will know next year! Hope you had a lovely day!