Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day Gift Reveal

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums today.

I can now reveal what I have been finishing off for Mum's present.  I had a quilt top that I made back in 1987 at a Tafe Course.  There was no rotary cutters it was all done with pencil lines and scissors.  I had even started to hand quilt it, and that's where it stopped.... It has lived in the top of wardrobes and old cupboards for ooohh I don't know about 25 years LOL.. Wow when you say it like that it' a lot. 

Well everytime I have talked to Mum since I started doing patchwork and quilts in the last year or so she has been saying  "when are you going to finish that one up in the top of my wardrobe??".  So today Mum I presented it to you as your Mothers Day present.  Never to be hidden in  the top of a wardrobe again. 

The only thing I am disappointed with myself is that I didn't take a before shot.  So first off it was huge.  It started off 107" X 107" and I had made it like a bedspread.  Pillow section at the top... long sides.  It also had about 5 blocks of hand stitching.  I started reverse stitching and gave the top and the backing a wash and took everything over to Carolynne's house for some advise and a costing to quit the top for me.

After more reverse stitching and resizing we ended up with a quilt 80"x80".  She used the fantasia panto as there was a lot of blank spacing that I had left for hand quilting some feathers.  When she was finished quilting was a masterpiece.  Once again she is a master !!!  As I said I had originally made it as a bedspread so after the reverse stitching I ended up with 2 blocks that I made into continental pillows

Here is the finished quilt and pillows on Mum's bed.
The pillows in the sun
Close Up of the centre
Close up of the quilting No 1
Close up of the quilting No 2
Ahhh hang on to it Dad!
Everyone helping to keep it still

And of course the post wouldn't be complete without a picture of hunnigirl... Here she is with my cat (living at Mum's) called Kramer giving her a kiss....Hunni has had a whack or two from him before so she is not keen to get too close... but she obliged for the photo.

Til next time



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