Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aussie Hero Quilts Updates

This update is a catch up on the other quilts and laundry bags I did for Aussie Hero Quilts

These two were made by other sewer in the group and I helped by quilting and binding them.  The first one I called the African Quilt
This was posted with the Anzac Day posting with some goodies for it's recipient.  The next one was a lovely Australian Fabric one made by Claire and I did a little free motion on some random blocks as well as some straight quilting.  This ended up as a Wounded Warrior Quilt and is now waiting in the hospital to be given to an Australian Soldier when they are injured and they are sent on to Germany (here's hoping this is not too soon!)  You can read about it and see it on the hospital bed waiting here

This is a close up of my free motion on one of the blocks... I am still learning.
The next two I made the tops, quilted and bound myself and sent off in the Anzac Day posting with some goodies.  The first one I called Pirate Patch, and it was a disappearing 9 patch pattern.

The next one I love as the red really stands out. Called Red Diamond.
And of course their packages wouldn't be complete without their laundry bags to accompany the quilts.  So here are the three that I made.
After they were sent out I felt very satisfied, as I'm sure we all did, that the group was able to get so many quilts and laundry bags over to the troops.

And then on the 1st of May I received the most wonderful email from a female soldier that had received one of my quilts, laundry bags.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  The quilt had made it's way to Egypt to where she was serving.  You can read her email that Jan-Maree shared on the blog for all to enjoy. Soldiers Email

So of course this has inspired me again and here is a couple of sneek peaks of some new quilt tops I am working on

I am heading over to Jan-Maree's place for a more sewing on the 18th of May, so if you'd like to join us or would like to get involved please contact Jan-Maree through the website.

And now to complete my post here is a picture (well 2... oops 3) of Hunnigirl's tribute to the Aussie Hero's ..

"Like this Mum?"

"Oh now the sun is in my eyes"

"What about be on the lounger looking into the distance?"

Til next time



  1. how wonderful to know your efforts are welcomed...and used xx AND it has inspired you to make more...who-hooo! Love the pictures of your own little "soldier" !! x

  2. Caz, you have done an amazing job on your soldier quilts.They are fantastic..xx