Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lots more Progress


What a week !!

I have managed to get alot of things progressed this week.

My Vingnette Block 1 has only 5 more satin stitched flowers to do.  I was ready to complete it this afternoon while I was waiting at the school to pick up the kids.  Then disaster struck.... I popped the needle in my mouth for a second whilst I went to grab the floss, the needle dropped out and went down beside the seat.... AHHHH it was the only one I had with me ..... So that was that.... Oh well there is always tomorrow afternoon.

I have pieced together Block 2 & 3.... Here is a quick pic
I added a litle woodland fabric by Natalie Lymer... Can you see the mushroom houses... No... OK here is a close up !! LOL

There was quite a bit of fussy cutting... but I am loving how it turned out.  Now I need to transfer the stitchery pattern and then start stitching this one.

I have totally sewn together my Michelle Marvig quilt "World Traveller".... Oops I have previously been calling the pattern "Around the World". It is quite a large quilt so once sewn it has been very hard to get a full shot.... Here are my attempts.... In two shots on the floor...

Here is it hanging on my washing line... which was wound right up as far as it would go.... I had to put towels on the ground because it was dragging.... and of course as soon as I pegged it up the wind came up and made it very difficult to photograph.
While I was taking the pictures Hunnigirl was running around barking at the man she could hear in the front garden reading my electricity metre... AHHHH.... The funny thing is her running out from behind the quilt just as I take the photograph.... Peek a boo....
I spent all day today working on the trupunto dresden designs on the quilt ready for class tomorrow.

I am ready to trim up tomorrow, and also work on a surprise Xmas present for my Mum !!  I'll leave it at that in case she is reading this and post a picture after Xmas.

Anyway til next time.


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