Saturday, 26 November 2011

A long time between posts

It has been a while since my last post.  So many things have been going on that I have found it hard to stop and write it down.  My Mum went into hospital for a routine back op and has spent the last month still in there as things have gone wrong, it has been very scary for us and for her.  She is alot better now, even though she is still in hospital and fingers crossed she will be home by Friday.

So on to my projects....  Here is some pictures of my Around the World quilt up on the design wall in class.
All thats left to do now is the outer dog tooth border, I am 3/4 way through that and hope to have it all together for class on Thursday.  I have bought the wadding and the fabric for my backing, I am going to get my lovely friend Carolynne to quilt this beauty for me.  Here is a picture of Michelle Marvig's orginal design showing her quilting, there is a bit of trupunto (is that how you spell it??) on it.  I am not sure exactly how I am going to have it quilted yet .....we'll see.
Alas the Tail feathers quilt hasn't had any more quilting done by me yet, but definately soon I promise.

Another project under construction is my Vignette Mystery quilt.  I am using the Monica Solorio-Snow "Happy Mochi Yum Yum" fabric.  It's a 16 block quilt designed by Leanne from Leanne's House, the patterns are released through her Vignette Magazines.  I have only just started so although the magazine is up to Issue 4 and eight block patterns, I have only sewn together Block 1 and am still completing the embroidery.  Here are a few pictures.
Here is block 1 traced out and started to be completed.
A close up of my embroidery.
I have just removed the hoop(which you can see, to take this one to show my progress now.
In the quilt there are 60 shoo-fly blocks.  I can report that these have been all sewn together.  I hope to have the next two blocks together by the end of the week also. 

All going well that is ... fingers crossed.

Happy Sewing


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  1. Hi Caroline, just popped over from the Vignette blog, your quilts are looking so lovely. Beautiful Vignette stitching. Wendy